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Rosemeire Almeida trains for more than 13 years dancers from Timbalando Brasil.

With more than 25 choreographies, costume concepts and designs, She brings the Brazilian vitality and tradition as a breathtaking dance performance on stage.

Whether with 3 or with 30 dancers, in the home country or abroad, with us, your event will be a unforgettable adventure. Look forward to a Brazilian fireworks of a high-class level.

The pure Brazilian vitality, the fantastical costumes, professional choreographies. Welcom at the Sugarloaf mountain, welcome to Brazil!

This music is comming from the famous group É o Tschan from Salvador Bahia, which is the country from the Timbalando Brasil dancers.

This is a tradition which is celebrated in june in the whole northeast. The Johannisnight from the 23rd to the 24 rd june is the most exciting moment of the festival for the many little cities in the inland of Bahia.

The vitality of the virtous brazilian singer causes a sweeping mood on every event.

The Lambada comes orriginally from the northeast of Brazilian, Salvador – Bahia and is since 1990 known in the whole world. Timbalando Brasil offers for eveybody a proffesional instructoin in Lambada.

The world wide known singer has minted her success of Samba in the 1940ies and she helped this national dance to an international reputation.

Hawaian and brazilian rhythm from the famous group É o Tschan. For the salutation on each event every guest gets a hawai necklace.

The world wide known music from the Sugarloaf mountain is played at every final of the show of Timbalando Brasil.

Because of the success of the Axé, the carnival in Brazil is one of the best and greatest carnivals over the world. Every artist is participates with passion.

The music wants to express the Axé. (positive energie from god). Big emotions and the poetry are concentrated on certain objects. e. g. leaves and herbs.

Edineuza Almeida plays “the goddes of the ocean”. Her name means “mother” whose children are fishes. She wears a silver crown and is holding a silver fan in her hand. Jemanjá is maternal, vain and she loves the beautifull things in life.

Cristoph Columbus discoverd theIndios in Brazil. During this captivation, the number of the Indios has been rapidly declined. Nevertheless, the classical myth and their magic aaurvives continously in the dances.

Famous group with big success in the brazilian charts. Timbalando Brasil would like to invite you, too!

A brazilian dance from the city called Pernanpuca, which you only have to dance with your feet and little parasols.

An afro-brazilian fight dance that is invented by the slaves, because they had to protect theirselves without any weapon. The music is made by a Berimbau. (wooden arch with covered wire). The champion of all Capoeiras dances for a long time by Timbalando Brasil and gives also lessons.
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